Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets regularly to discuss parish matters.

 Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of every month.

The venue for the meeting is at the Avoncroft Arts Centre and actual dates are shown on the Meetings Calendar.

The meeting is open for the public to observe and before the commencement of business there is an opportunity for parishioners to raise issues with the council.

Council Meetings Dates January 2019 to March 2021

The links below take you to the Minutes of all Full Council Meetings held during Council Financial Year 2018/19, including their Agendas and, when available, the Agenda for the next Full Council Meeting.

Next Meeting - Monday 1st April 2019


2019 PC Agenda - 4th March.pdf Minutes to be ratified at the April Meeting
2019 PC Agenda - 4th February.pdf 2019 Council Meeting Minutes - 4th February.pdf
2019 PC Agenda - 7th January.pdf 2019 Council Meeting Minutes - 7th January.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 3rd December.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes - 3rd December.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 5th November.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes - 5th November.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 1st October.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes 1st October.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 3rd September.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes 3rd September.pdf
No Council Meeting in August  
2018 PC Agenda - 2nd July.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes 2nd July.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 4th June.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes 4th June.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 16th May.pdf 2018 Council and AGM Minutes 16th May.pdf
2018 PC Agenda - 9th April.pdf 2018 Council Meeting Minutes 9th April.pdf