Planning Applications

Stoke Parish Council Planning Applications

Applications by businesses and homeowners to either build a new or alter an existing building, or any other construction or object that is subject to planning controls (trees subject to tree protection orders for example), must be submitted to the Planning Department of Bromsgrove District Council (BDC). Once a planning application has been registered with BDC  they are forwarded to the Parish Council for the Parish where the application applies.

Stoke Parish Council maintains a register of all planning applications relating to the Avoncroft and Rock Hill Wards. This register is normally updated monthly, the current version of the register for 2018 and the register for 2007 can be accessed via the links below


PC-Planning Applications 2018 - 011118.pdf

Planning Applications 2017

 Note that any Planning Applications from 2017 that are still live are highlighted in the 2017 register and also included in the 2018 register 

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