Parish Paths Warden

Parish Paths Warden Scheme

The Parish Paths Warden Scheme aims to help facilitate the effective management of Worcestershire's public rights of way network by the use of local knowledge and assistance in conjunction with the resources of Worcestershire County Council.

Our Parish Paths Warden is expected to:

  • - survey all the paths within the parish hopefully on a yearly basis,
  • - carry out path inspections,
  • - waymark the routes,
  • - carry out minor vegetation clearance and minor repairs,
  • - act as a local contact,
  • - liase with landowners,
  • - act as 'eyes and ears' on the ground and report back to the Worcestershire C.C. Countryside Service Officer. 

If you encounter problems such as minor vegetation clearance, poor waymarking, minor maintenance issues please contact our Parish Footpaths Officer.

All other problems encountered on the Public Rights of Way network should be reported to the Worcestershire C.C. Countryside Service directly on 01905 768214 or e-mail: